Order fulfilment for eCommerce

Manage your inventory, orders, shipping and warehousing all in one place.

SKUtopia is a 4PL that integrates with your sales channels. We take care of your shipping and fulfilment so that you can focus on scaling your business.

Order fulfillment for eCommerce

Is eCommerce fulfilment for you?

Made for growing eCommerce and retail businesses.

You send your products to our warehouses and we get them to your customers as they order them. Our 4-in-1, cloud-based software system means that all inventory and order information is synced so that we can take care of shipping.

Warehousing & Storage

Micro-warehousing facilities in a close proximity to city centres so that your clients receive their orders faster than ever


SKUtopia will ensure you get the best shipping method, the lowest rates, and the option for 4-hour delivery in metro areas

Pick & Pack

Orders are packed according to predefined or custom guidelines in recyclable and compostable packaging

4-in-1 Software

Our software system lets you manage your inventory, orders, shipping, and warehousing on one, user-friendly platform

Warehouse Locations

Unlike traditional warehouse and 3PL providers, we focus on micro-warehousing facilities. Our smaller footprint means we’re strategically located in capital cities with close proximity to the majority of your customers.

Our highly automated robotised warehouses can receive an sales order and dispatch within 1-4 hours for select locations, same day dispatch and next day dispatch.

We make recommendations on where to locate your stock using our AI recommendations engine to delight your customers and reduce your transport carbon footprint.

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Discounted and Fast Shipping

To reduce your shopping cart abandonment and outperform competition in the eCommerce landscape, you need competitive shipping delivery times and rates.

Our vast delivery network and fulfilment capabilities will reduce your shopping car abandonment and get you to your target sooner. Make shipping work for you.


Customer Support

Sluggish customer support harms your brand. Our support heroes are based in our warehouses, so if something happens, they’ll make sure it’s taken care of.



Frequently asked questions

What is SKUtopia?

SKUtopia is a 4PL, more than just a 3PL, offering logistics solutions for your eCommerce business. Not only do we offer a cloud-based software system that syncs with your sales channels, we take care of order fulfilment in our warehouses as well.

How does SKUtopia work?

You focus on scaling your business and we’ll do the fulfilment and shipping. Send us the products from your supplier, integrate your sales channels with our software, and we’ll do the rest as orders flow in. You can read more about how SKUtopia works.

Who is SKUtopia for?

SKUtopia is made for growing businesses in the eCommerce and retail looking to outsource their fulfilment. We take care of your inventory, orders and shipping with our software and warehouses. That way, you can focus on making sales and scaling your business.

How does eCommerce fulfilment work?

Traditionally, eCommerce order fulfilment involves sending your orders to a fulfilment center where they then pick, package and deliver to your customers. With SKUtopia, our software syncs with your sales channels so that orders come through automatically. Then we pick, package and deliver. You can use our dedicated, cloud-based fulfilment software to keep track of your inventory, orders, shipments and our warehouse in one place.

What is the order fulfilment process?

The order fulfilment process involve receiving orders, processing orders, packing orders, picking orders, and shipping orders to customers. This is typically done by a third-party.

How can order fulfilment process be improved?

The order fulfilment process can be improved by finding a third party solution that fits with your business needs. For example, SKUtopia provides a cloud-based fulfilment software that integrates with your sales channels and allows you to keep track of inventory, orders, shipping and warehousing. Your orders are automatically sent to our warehouses and we take care of picking, packing and delivering.

How do you ship online orders?

You can ship online orders by working with a third-party order fulfilment solution like SKUtopia. You connect your sales channel with our software, send us your inventory, and we’ll take care of fulfilment.

How can I ship my product cheap?

SKUtopia’s affordable fulfilment solutions mean you can get your products shipped to customers for a low price. We have discounted shipping rates with all the major couriers. These discounted rates apply to shipments from your supplier to our warehouse, as well as shipments from our warehouse to your customers.

Is same day shipping possible?

Same day shipping is possible depending on certain factors. For example, orders placed on a weekend or public holiday typically won’t be shipped until the next business day. Similarly, orders to rural areas and internationally will take longer. However, same day shipping to metro areas is possible. At SKUtopia, you have the option to offer 4-hour delivery to your customers, so long as they’re in a certain radius.

How do I add fulfilment to Shopify?

You can add fulfilment to Shopify by connecting your store to a third party order fulfilment solution. With SKUtopia, you can connect your Shopify store to our software and orders will start flowing in automatically. Send your inventory to our warehouses. Then, we pick, pack and deliver based on your guidelines.

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